Affordable Online Support

Do you have a question, an idea, or a problem you want some advice on without having to wait and pay for a plumber to come out?


Perhaps you've been thinking about a bathroom or kitchen renovation for a while, and you want to understand what to expect when engaging a plumber to move pipes and what you should budget? Maybe you've got a simple question that you want a qualified answer to, along with some recommendations on how to fix, or who can fix a problem.

This is where our 'Ask A Plumber' service comes in.

For a limited time, you can call one of our qualified plumbers, for free, to ask a couple of questions, or get a plumbing diagnosis over the phone.

We're ready to help you with:

  • Hot water issues

  • Leaking Taps

  • Blocked drains

  • Evaporative cooler not working

  • A blocked toilet

  • A running toilet

  • Leaking pipes

  • Slow draining sink

  • Low water pressure

  • Ducted heater vent not working

  • Heater not getting up to temperature

  • Gas leak

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